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Discover a new way to enjoy Gary Larson’s unparalleled comic masterpiece, The Far Side®, on its first official online home. Webby Award-winning offers a deep dive into Gary’s offbeat sense of humor and exclusive, never-before-seen extras. Highlights of the new site include:

  • The Daily Dose: Selections of classic The Far Side comics, updated daily
  • Curated, themed collections of comics, updated every week
  • Selections of early rough drafts, sketches and doodles direct from Gary’s sketchbooks
  • Periodic unveiling of new work by Gary Larson
  • Gary’s letter explaining why he’s finally online loaded on an iPad


The most famous office drone ever to appear in the funny pages can be found online, updated daily by creator, Scott Adams. supports an ever-growing community of fervent fans, who flock to follow and discuss their corporate kindred spirit.

  • Nearly 60 million visitors annually
  • View and share daily strips
  • Access to every Dilbert strip published with an easily searchable archive loaded on a laptop


The ultimate destination for discovering, enjoying and engaging with humorous and thought-provoking comics.

  • Home to the most popular comic strips in history and the best webcomics of today
  • Nearly 1 billion page views annually
  • Top-ranking website worldwide
  • Premium subscription and free, ad-supported experiences loaded on an iPad


A dynamic, respected puzzle community featuring the best “games to maintain your brain.”

  • More than 70 puzzles updated weekly with member access to thousands of archived puzzles
  • Categories include word, trivia and card games
  • Destination for favorite brands, such as Sudoku, Jumble, L.A. Times Crossword and USA TODAY Crossword loaded on a laptop


Readers rely on UExpress for the most well-known advice and opinion columns.

  • Leading advice from world-famous experts, such as Dear AbbyMiss Manners and Sense & Sensitivity
  • Daily and weekly consultation from subject matter experts on finance, health, horoscopes, pets and more


Access the famous daily puzzle in a new and unique way. Features of the app include:

  • NEW PUZZLES EVERY DAY: Play USA TODAY’s famous daily crossword on the go and for free.
  • THOUSANDS OF PUZZLES: Access an archive of themed puzzle packs and classic crosswords, all available at your pencil-tips.
  • PERSONALIZED PLAY: Track your stats, choose a level of difficulty, get helpful hints, pause puzzles, use night mode and more.
  • COMPETE TO WIN: Subscribe to enter tournaments, get prizes and earn badges.