Who We Are

Who We Are

We aspire to bring joy to people’s lives through the work of our talented creators. Since our start in 1970, AMU has honed an uncanny ability to tap into the zeitgeist of popular culture to identify, nurture and share fresh, new voices that are somewhat off the beaten path. Their unique style of storytelling resonates with their generation, yet has the potential to remain relevant for years to come.

Our long-standing success is rooted in our ability to identify iconic talent, our willingness to embrace change and our ability to anticipate disruption. While other companies try to mitigate surprises, most days we depend on them. Our growth and forward momentum come from taking creative risks and finding new ways to share the unique and powerful messages of our creators with the world.



Jim Andrews and John McMeel
AMU founders Jim Andrews and John McMeel.

Our story begins with the dynamic partnership of Jim Andrews and John McMeel, two charismatic innovators who challenged convention to give voice to the groundbreaking comic storytellers and cultural commentators of their day.

Jim and John joined forces in 1970 with a bold vision, a progressive business philosophy and a steadfast commitment to the artistic goals of each creator. Their enterprising vision and values continue to serve as the foundation of our corporate culture today.


Boley building in downtown Kansas City

Global Reach. Midwestern Roots.

In 1970, most creative media companies were headquartered in New York City or Los Angeles. Our founders chose Kansas City because they wanted to build a different kind of media company. Here, they discovered a rare combination of Midwestern graciousness, esprit de corps and genuine humility, along with an environment driven by competitive spirit and ambition. Our connection to the Kansas City community remains a critical part of our culture. It informs our values, imbues our personality and underscores our spirit of generosity.

Our corporate headquarters in the historic downtown Boley Building was voted “coolest office in Kansas City” by KC Magazine.

Community & Causes

AMU associates extend the generous spirit of our corporate culture by sharing their time and talents with numerous regional and national charitable and civic activities. While we’re serious about giving back, we work to make a difference and share some fun.

Christmas in October

Co-founded by AMU’s John McMeel more than 30 years ago, this initiative has improved the lives of tens of thousands of elderly, disabled and veteran homeowners by rebuilding houses, lives and neighborhoods in the Kansas City area.


Children’s Literacy

We strive to improve literacy by making reading fun. Our community investment initiative supports local literacy organizations, such as Turn the Page KC, Literacy KC, Lead to Read and Little Free Library, through volunteerism, corporate sponsorships and in-kind donations.


We treat each other with kindness, honesty, dignity and respect. We genuinely care about the well-being and success of our colleagues, creators and business partners.

We bring passion to our work that shows up both as can-do spirit and pride in what we accomplish.

We believe in the life-affirming power of creative expression and the unique talents of our creators. We value originality, authenticity, provocative humor and inspirational voice.

We take pride in our abilities to thrive in a creative environment and bring fresh thinking to our work.

We admire and encourage one another’s individual strengths, efforts and ideas.

We are at our best when we work as a unified team that shares challenges and successes.

Colored pencils

We share responsibility to motivate and inspire one another. We lead by example. We demonstrate initiative, curiosity and courage.

We take smart risks and are accountable for their results. We effect change, embrace new thinking and orchestrate outcomes. We are committed to growth.

Our Leadership

Hugh Andrews


John McMeel

Chairman Emeritus

Andy Sareyan

President and Chief Executive Officer

John Glynn

Vice Chairman and Editor at Large

Les Hinmon

Chief Financial Officer

Susan Johnson

Chief People and Communications Officer

Kirsty Melville


Andrews McMeel Publishing

Fred Nelson

Chief Development Officer

Kelly Carnago

Chief Operating Officer

Chris Waldron

Chief Digital Officer

Board of Directors

Hugh Andrews


John McMeel

Chairman Emeritus

John Glynn

Vice Chairman and Editor at Large

Jim Andrews

Vice President, Licensing

Maureen Carroll

Director, McMeel Family Foundation

Jeffrey Rayport


Martha Nelson