Andrews McMeel Entertainment is the film and television division of Andrews McMeel Universal. We represent artists and properties from our stable of syndication, publishing and digital content for film, television, video and stage. Our services include development, sales, production, post-production and licensing of content to third parties for production and development.



Marmaduke animated feature film set for 2020


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Andrews McMeel Entertainment is partnered with WME (William Morris Endeavor). This partnership gives Andrews McMeel Entertainment access to the expertise and contacts of the premier talent agency in the world, while giving William Morris Endeavor an impressive and growing library of properties to develop.


With offices in Los Angeles and Kansas City, the Andrews McMeel Entertainment team is led by Bridget McMeel, Development Executive, and Fred Nelson, Chief Development Officer. Contact Fred or Bridget to learn more about how Andrews McMeel Entertainment can bring talent to your television or film project!

Los Angeles:
Bridget McMeel
Development Executive
Andrews McMeel Entertainment
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Kansas City:
Fred Nelson
Chief Development Officer
Andrews McMeel Universal
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