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The Complete Calvin and Hobbes


Think you know Calvin and Hobbes? Test your knowledge with this trivia! No matter how well you score, there's always more Calvin and Hobbes to discover.

Trivia Questions

1. How did Calvin and Hobbes meet?

2. How old is Calvin?

3. What is the name of Calvin’s alter space ego?

4. What is the name of Calvin and Hobbes's secret society?

5. Which Saturday Night Live comedian received a tattoo of Calvin, painted by another famous celebrity?

6.Is it true that Stephen King really wrote Bill Watterson a fan letter?

7. In what areas was Watterson employed prior to cartooning?

8. Where did Calvin and Hobbes get their names?

Trivia Answers

1. A sandwich "tiger trap."

2. Calvin is a precocious six-year-old.

3. Spaceman Spiff. Calvin would imagine additional aliases over the years, including Captain Napalm, Safari Al, Stupendous Man, and more.

4. G.R.O.S.S. (Get Rid Of Slimy Girls)

5. David Spade sports a Calvin tattoo and actor Sean Penn was filmed applying the tattoo.

6. Although its contents are a mystery to everyone but King and Watterson, longtime Calvin and Hobbeseditor Lee Salem recalls forwarding a fan letter received from King to Watterson.

7. Watterson worked as both a political cartoonist and a grocery ad designer prior to Calvin and Hobbes.

8. Both are named after famous philosophers. Calvin is named for a sixteenth-centurn theologian who believed in predestination, while Hobbes is named after a seventeenth-century philosphoer with a dim view of human nature.

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