Ziggy Goes for the Gold


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Ziggy Goes for the Gold

Kansas City, MO (June 25, 2021) – Ziggy, the world’s favorite optimistic everyman, is set to celebrate his golden jubilee on June 27, 2021. For five decades, the bald-headed, barefooted, trouser-less character has been a steadfast companion to cheer and lift spirits. When things go wrong, fans know he’ll strive to see things in a brighter light, and guide them through the struggles and victories of everyday life.

Although other strips come and go, Ziggy endures by staying relevant and adapting with the times in his own, gently ruffled kind of way. Whether trying to decipher Facebook or how to file a complaint, he aptly comments on current events and technology in the economy of a single panel, all the while reminding us that we can’t enjoy life’s rainbows without a little rain.

Ever the optimist, Ziggy consistently delivers when the world seems to need him most, as in the past year, unlike anything the world had experienced. In a socially distanced and ever-evolving digital environment, his positive outlook on life and lighthearted, witty observations can be relied upon to bring a smile to fans enjoying him in more than 250 newspapers, dozens of Ziggy comic collections and other merchandise.

Heralded by The New York Times as a “lovable, optimistic, funny-page favorite,” it’s no secret that Ziggy is a beloved character that brings joy and comfort. This year, Ziggy’s golden jubilee celebrates his 50 years, but celebrates the fans that made it possible as well.

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