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take control of your story

Amanda Lovelace, the bestselling and award-winning author of the “women are some kind of magic” series, presents her newest poetry collection shine your icy crown ($14.99, January 2021). The second installment in her new feminist poetry series, “you are your own fairy tale,” Lovelace follows up break your glass slippers with another empowering story written in her signature, enchanting style.

Told as a cautionary tale from a big sister to her little sister, this story is about not letting society dictate the limits of a girl’s potential. Lovelace artfully applies elements from familiar fairy tales to common challenges women face, such as beauty standards, social insecurities, and inner strength.

It’s time to take back your power & realize that you don’t need a king in order to be a queen.

About the Author

amanda lovelace is the author of several bestselling poetry titles, including her celebrated “women are some kind of magic” trilogy as well as her new “you are your own fairy tale” series. she is also the co-creator of the believe in your own magic oracle deck. when she isn’t reading, writing, or drinking a much-needed cup of coffee, you can find her casting spells from her home in a (very) small town on the jersey shore, where she resides with her poet-spouse & their three cats.