Read comics — especially these new ones — every day is the web’s largest catalog of syndicated newspaper strips, political cartoons and webcomics, offering free new content every day. This year, GoComics has launched an assortment of cartoons, ranging from mental health to cats and childhood nostalgia to everyday life.

Director, Comics & Acquisitions, Shena Wolf is largely responsible for identifying, evaluating and selecting comics to add to the site. Some she finds online, others are recommendations from colleagues or creators, and a few come through the submissions process.

“When I’m looking for comics for the GoComics site, I’m looking for things that we would be able to eventually take to print, but it’s not limited to that,” Wolf said. “Being on GoComics means that a comic has passed a stringent review; it meets our standards for what is appropriate (language, themes) and, crucially, it resonates with us. Not everything has to be funny. There are so many comics out there that are telling interesting stories or doing fascinating things with the form. GoComics is a place for that work, and finding and curating that content is a lot of fun.”

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‘How to Cat’

Often, creating a cartoon that is close to home is the way to go. This is true for Lucas Turnbloom, whose inspiration is literally under his own roof. His new webcomic How to Cat is based on the cuddly, but also crazy, cat, Sweetie, that he and his wife rescued a few years ago. Turnbloom is an award-winning author, illustrator and cartoonist, whose work includes the graphic novel series “Dream Jumper” and freelance for publications such as TIME and USA Today.

‘Cat’s Café’

Everyone is welcome at Cat’s Café. Cartoonist Matt Tarpley’s adorable webcomic will leave you fuzzy and fully charged. The strip, which began in 2017, follows Cat, Penguin, Rabbit and friends in their pursuit of happiness, positivity and acceptance. Tarpley began creating cartoons while attending Webster University in Saint Louis, Missouri. In addition to his day job of developing brand merchandise for big names like Disney and SONY, Tarpley’s work has appeared in major media outlets, such as BuzzFeed, Bored Panda and the front page of Reddit. Tarpley’s first comics collection by the same name is due out next Summer.


Kevin and Curtis, stars of the webcomic Crabgrass, are best friends growing up in the ’80s. Creator Tauhid Bondia, best known for his strip A Problem Like Jamal, is the mastermind behind Crabgrass, which transports us back to the trends, triumphs and tribulations of growing up in the good old days.

‘Our Super Adventure’

Our Super Adventure is based on the real-life creator couple Sarah Graley and Stef Purenins, who began dating long-distance and now have a webcomic based on their relationship, as well as several published books and numerous other projects in the works.

‘Mexikid Stories’

Mexikid Stories is a cartoon memoir of creator Pedro Martin’s youth. As a child of immigrants, Martin was one of nine kids in a sharecropper family growing up in central California. He learned to navigate the three worlds of his childhood: Old Mexico, new America and everything in between. Mexikid Stories captures the comedy in this and conveys its cultural significance in this recent GoComics addition.

‘Junk Drawer’

Ellis Rosen’s witty single-panel webcomic, Junk Drawer, pays tribute to failed endeavors and trivial humor. Rather than relying on consistent characters or settings, Rosen employs an ongoing theme of finding comedy in situations gone wrong. The cartoon is a collection of charms that may not have a use but are valuable anyway, much like a junk drawer you might find in someone’s home. Rosen has illustrated children’s books and the Eisner-nominated graphic anthology Yiddishkeit, and his cartoons have appeared in The New Yorker, MAD and Wired.

‘Underpants and Overbites’

Jackie E. Davis’ diary comic Underpants and Overbites began in 2016 after she discovered the magic of graphic novels. Now, it’s available on GoComics for the whole world to see. To quote Jackie: “A lot of my inspiration comes from just bein’ alive and drawing about it.”

‘Chuck Draws Things’

Almost everyone can relate to our newest GoComics feature, Chuck Draws Things. Rooted in her own experience with depression and anxiety, creator Chuck Mullin captures the deep — sometimes dark — candidness of mental illness through the eyes and minds of pigeons. Who else to better play out real-life struggles than these quirky, yet loathed creatures? Mullin also published her first book, Bird Brain, with Andrews McMeel Publishing.