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Our Difference

We embrace a creator-first approach and view everything we do through that lens. The creators we represent are authentic, original thinkers with a unique perspective to share. So we don’t mess with their vision. We are a thoughtful, trusted guide and champion of their work through every stage of the editorial, marketing and distribution process.

As a result, we’ve built long-lasting relationships measured not in terms of weeks or years, but in terms of decades. These enduring bonds are at the core of our mutual commercial success.

Creator Showcase
at Kansas City
Planet Comicon, 2017

Creator Case Studies

It is hard to envision a world without Calvin and Hobbes (and it would be a dismal one indeed!). Although it has been more than 30 years since Calvin and his trusty sidekick, Hobbes, first captured the imaginations of

millions of fans, the transcendent humor, luminous charm, and inspired adventures of the most beloved comic strip pair of all time endures in what the Wall Street Journal calls “America’s Most Profound Comic Strip.”

How to Submit Work

Looking for an experienced partner to help you develop your idea? Cultivate a broader audience? Or distribute your content through new channels? We welcome the opportunity to work with fresh voices and talented creators of comic strips, humorous prose, poetry, puzzles and games, and inspirational content.

Our Partners

Our global partnerships help us strengthen the connections of our creators with their fans and cultivate new audiences for their work. Amazon, USA TODAY, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, Simon and Schuster, The Guardian, The Times of India, The South China Morning Post, Barnes and Noble, the American Booksellers Association, American Library Association, and MSN represent just a few of our many long-standing relationships. Among our partners, we’ve earned a reputation for being ahead of the curve–trendsetting, innovative and cutting-edge because of the talent we represent and the products and services we offer. We continue to nurture and grow our established relationships while developing new opportunities to share the work of our talented creators with an engaged, global audience.