Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

As May approaches, all across the United States the celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month is beginning. Due to the current surge in Anti-Asian sentiment, it is more important than ever that we celebrate these communities authentically and continue to be allies through times of hardship. Recognizing the significance of this month aids in lifting up the about approximate 22.38 million AAPI community members that live in the United States. Our country’s culture is enriched by the AAPI community, and at AMU, we are better because of the AAPI creators we get to work with.

Here are some ways to recognize AAPI Heritage Month this May.

  • Read up on the historical impact that Asian American and Pacific Islanders have had and continue to have, (start with the links below)!
  • Support those working to Stop Asian Hate and continue to stand in solidarity with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.
  • Order from a local AAPI owned business in Kansas City! Kasim Hardaway compiled a list that is full of different places to choose from all over the Metro.
  • Lift up our AAPI creators at AMU! Explore our blogs on Read Poetry that are full of resources for giving back to the AAPI community.

Read more from the list of resources below and lift up AAPI communities with all of us at AMU this month and into the future.