Alvin Brooks presents readers with a legacy of leadership in his memoir Binding us Together

Revered civil rights activist Alvin Brooks has devoted his life to improving the lives of others –through activism, community building, and public service.  His leadership is legendary; his legacy, remarkable.  Binding Us Together (February 2021) provides a fascinating portrayal of his personal recollections of pivotal moments in his magnificent life of advocacy, and his successes in bringing people together for the common good.

As a Black man who has worked within the criminal justice system and has advocated for his local community, Brooks provides a unique perspective of one who has bridged some of the country’s deepest divides.

Despite the extreme challenges of navigating in a racist society, Brooks sought to bring unity and community to his neighborhood, city, state, and the nation; his significant impact on each is impossible to quantify. Among other achievements, he served as one of Kansas City’s first Black police officers in the fifties, helped to heal the racial divide after the riots following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., founded the AdHoc Group Against Crime, which affected substantial change in city government, and has met with successive American presidents on national issues surrounding race and social justice.  His lifetime of building bridges across society’s divides helps us better understand our past, make sense of our present, and envision a brighter future. He proves that a good heart, generous spirit, and a lot of hard work can connect people, and that one person can make a difference by focusing on building bridges between them.

Tirelessly working for the common good, Brooks presents Binding Us Together as a call to action for the current environment.  Citizens of all backgrounds feel a renewed sense of urgency around racial social justice issues, and are more willing than ever to read, learn and discuss.  Binding Us Together is a beacon to lead the way.