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Coloring Books Aren't Just for Kids Anymore!

Aug 29, 2014

Coloring Books aren’t just for kids anymore…

Adults everywhere are catching on to a secret that parents have been in on for years: Coloring is just as much fun for grown-ups as it is for kids. The simple task of coloring in between the lines can be therapeutic and almost meditative, a creative and fulfilling activity that requires little brainpower, which makes it a perfect way to unwind and relieve stress.

Grown-up coloring is a creative alternative to traditional crossword and Sudoku puzzles, and has become an established activity in countries such as the United Kingdom and France, where adult coloring books are now more popular than cookbooks.

Now, we’re getting in on the fun! Our new Posh coloring books will be available on Tuesday, September 2, and feature intricate, high-quality line drawings designed to appeal to the more advanced tastes and coloring skills of adults. Art Therapy for Fun & Relaxation makes it simple for even amateur artists to enjoy creating something beautiful while benefiting from the relaxing effect provided by increased focus, while Pretty Designs for Fun & Relaxation offers a wide range of styles and scenes that will appeal to all tastes for hours of soothing and inspiring fun. Design enthusiasts will be particularly drawn to the Vintage Designs for Fun & Relaxation, which gives readers a chance to put their own spin on the glamour of yesteryear.

Each of the three styles is available in the original Posh format (7x9 inches), and also in a smaller Pocket Posh size (4x6 inches). The handy size of the Pocket Posh coloring books make them ideal for carrying in a purse or briefcase, where they will be on hand for tiresome commutes, the doctor’s office waiting room, or travel.

Want to give grown-up coloring a try? Click the images below to download the three free designs from our Posh Coloring Books line!

(Want more free downloadable coloring pages? Check out our full Posh Coloring line here!)


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